About Us

The Ambassador


1. Personal data

Name and Surname:  Ion JINGA

Nationality: Romanian

Date of birth: September 1st, 1961




2. Professional activity


Promoted in the diplomatic rank of Ambassador (Presidential Decree No. 845) 

Since August 2015

Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Romania to the United Nations


Chair of the UN Committee on Disarmament and International Security (First Committee)


Chair of the UN Peacebuilding Commission


Chair of the Group of Francophone Ambassadors to the UN


Chair of the UN Commission on Population and Development

2016 and 2017

Vice-Chair of the Group of Francophone Ambassadors to the UN

2016- 2017

Co-Chair of the Negotiations on the Security Council reform (IGN)

2015 - 2016

Chair of the UN Group of Governmental experts on Transparency of Military Expenditures (MILEX)


Chair of the UN Commission for Social Development

2008 - 2015

Ambassador of Romania to the United Kingdom 

2012 - 2015

Doyen of the European Ambassadors to the UK

2003 – 2008

Ambassador of Romania to Belgium 

2002 - 2003 

Director General for European Union Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Bucharest


Member of the Romanian Delegation to the Convention on the Future of Europe and Coordinator of the National Secretariat of the Delegation

2000 - 2001 

Deputy-Head of Mission and Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Mission of Romania to the EU, Brussels

1999 - 2000

Counsellor, Directorate for EU Affairs, MFA, Bucharest

1998 - 1999

Deputy-Head of Mission, Mission of Romania to the EU, Brussels

1995 - 1998

First Secretary, Mission of Romania to the EU, Brussels

1994 - 1995

Second Secretary, Minister’s Office, MFA, Bucharest

1992 - 1994

Third Secretary, Directorate for EU Affairs, MFA, Bucharest

1991 - 1992

Head of the External Relations Office, Arges County Council, Pitesti, Romania

1986 – 1991

Physicist Engineer, Institute for Nuclear Energy Reactors, Pitesti, Romania.

1985 - 1986

Teacher, Secondary School no. 127, Bucharest

1984 – 1985

Teacher, Economic High School no. 4, Bucharest


3. Education

1995 - 1999

PhD in Law, Faculty of Law, “Al. I. Cuza” Academy, Bucharest, with a thesis on "The Institutional Reform of the European Union in the context of the Intergovernmental Conference for the revision of the Maastricht Treaty"

1997- 1999

NATO's Research Fellowship on "The Accession to NATO, EU and WEU: differences, similitude and synergies. Romania's case"

May - July 1993

Institute for International Studies, Leeds University, Great Britain (Know-How Fund grant)

1991- 1992

College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium (MA, Diploma of Advanced European Studies in Administration; TEMPUS grant)

1990- 1992 

Faculty of Public Administration, National School for Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest (Postgraduate Studies)

1987- 1992

Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Romania (BA in Law)

1981 - 1986

Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest, Romania (BSc in Physics)

1980 - 1981

Military Service

1976 -1980

“Dinicu Golescu” Mathematics and Physics High School, Câmpulung-Muscel, Romania (valedictorian)


4. Languages

Romanian Mother tongue
English: Fluent
French: Fluent


5. Academic activity

Since 2016

Visiting Professor from Practice, St. John’s University School of Law, New York, USA

Since 2016

Member of the Consultative Council of GRASP Global (Global Romanian Society of Young Professionals) and Honorary President of GRASP New York

Since 2015

Honorary Professor, Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah, USA

Since 2012

Honorary President of the York Romanian Society, UK

2011 - 2015

Member of the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom 

Since 2011 

Member of Manchester Debating Union, Manchester University, UK

2010 - 2015

Board Member of the Mid-Atlantic Club of London 

2010 - 2015

Co-patron of the Scottish Romanian Universities Exchange

Since 2009

Founding Member of the Romanian Society for European Law


Member of the European Group for Evaluation and Prospective (EGEP was created by the European Institute for International Relations - IERI, Brussels)

Since 2003

Member of the Scientific Council of the “Romanian Magazine for Community Law”, Bucharest

2002 – 2016

Guest speaker at academic conferences and seminars at the  University of Valladolid (Spain - 2002), College of Europe (Bruges – 2003), Free University of Brussels (2004, 2007), London School of Economics (2004), European Parliament (2004, 2005, 2006), European Institute for International Relations, Brussels (2007, 2008), Oxford Brookes University (2009), Robert Gordon University-Glasgow (2009), Kent University (2009), Canterbury Christ Church University  (2010), Manchester University (2011), Oxford University (2011),  Leeds University (2011), The London International Human Rights Congress (2011), Norwich University (2012), Manchester University (2012), York University (2012), Essex University (2012), Bedfordshire University (2014), London Metropolitan University (2014), Sheffield University (2014), Cambridge University (2014), Coventry (2014, 2015), Santa Marta Group Conference on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (London, 2014), Utah Valley University (Orem Utah, USA, 2015), St. John’s University School of Law (New York, 2016), Columbia University (New York, 2016), Harvard University (Cambridge USA, 2016).

2002 – 2003

Associate Professor, Diplomatic Academy, Bucharest

2012- 2013,

2002 - 2003,

1999 - 2000,

1992 - 1995  

Associate Professor, National School for Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest.



Author and co-author of five books and more than 30 studies on European integration, reform of EU institutions, Romania’s accession to the EU, the Constitutional Treaty and EU policies. Among them is the first dictionary on EU Law published in Romania (2000). In the book “The European Union. Realities and perspectives” (1999), the scenario of Romania joining the European Union in 2007 is mentioned for the first time. Another book, “The European Union looking for its future; European studies” (2008) was included by the European Parliament in the online collection “100 Books on Europe to remember” comprising 100 works published over a period of almost a century and considered representative for the European idea (the only book published in Romania included in the collection).

Published extensively in British media and on the personal blog in The Huffington Post on the free movement of persons, Romanian community in the UK, Romanian-British history and bilateral relations, United Nations, UN priorities on peace, security, development, migration and human rights.


7. Awards


Cross of the Romanian Royal House


Great Cross of the Crown’s Order (Belgium)


Patriarchal Cross of the Romanian Orthodox Church


Officier de l’Ordre national du mérite (France)


Officer of the National Order for Merit (Romania).


8. Freedoms

2014   “The Freedom of the City of London” (London, 2014)

2014   “The Freedom of the City of Glasgow” (Glasgow, 2014)


9. Other distinctions


“Best Romanian Diplomat in the United States 2017”, awarded by the Romanian American Business Council, New York City, 13.12.2017


Diploma for outstanding contribution to the success of the work of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly”, granted by the President of the UN General Assembly Peter Thomson, New York, 7.09.2017


Motion in the British Parliament commending “the work of the outgoing Ambassador of Romania to the UK, Dr Ion Jinga, who has played a significant part in developing relations between the two countries; recognises Dr Jinga’s deep historical understanding of the Romanian-British relationship, and the effective and skilled manner in which he has represented his country and the Romanian community in the UK; notes Dr Jinga’s impressive diplomatic and intellectual record; and wishes Dr Jinga well in his future roles.” (House of Commons, Early Day Motion 291/21.07.2015)


“Diplomat of the Year 2015 in the UK”, Political & Public Life Awards 2015 (House of Commons, 26.02.2015)


Silver Medal of the States of Jersey (Presented by the Bailiff, 8.09.2014)


Included in “Top 100 people who change Romania” (Foreign Policy Romania Magazine,  26 February 2014)


“Honorary Award of Achievement” of the Romanian National Union of Students (London, 22.02.2014)


“Romanian Diplomat of the Year 2012” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Bucharest, “150 Years of Romanian Diplomacy”,11.12.2012)


“Medal of Excellence of the National School for Political and Administrative Studies” (Bucharest, Parliament Palace, 1.10.2012)


“Diplomat of the Year 2012 from Europe in the UK” (London, Diplomat Magazine Awards 2012, 24.04.2012)


“Diplomat of the Year 2007 in Belgium” (Belgian Award of Diplomatic Excellence 2007, Brussels, Egmont Palace, 3.03.2008)


10. Memberships  

The Guild of Freemen of the City of London (admitted in 2014);

The Incorporation of Wrights in Glasgow (the oldest Guild in the UK, with Charter granted by King Malcolm III in 1057 - admitted in 2014);

The Athenaeum Club (London, 2008 - 2015);

Royal Automobile Club (London, 2009 - 2015).

Cercle Royal Gaulois Club (Brussels, 2005 - 2008); 





  1. “The European Union looking for its future. European studies”, Publishing House C.H. Beck, Bucharest, 2008 (author) – the only book published in Romania and included in the European Parliament collection “100 Books on Europe to Remember” (April 2014);
  2. “European and Euro-Atlantic organizations”, Publishing House Economica, Bucharest, 2005 (co-author);
  3. “European and Euro-Atlantic organisations”, Publishing House Lumina Lex, Bucharest, 2001 (co-author);
  4. “Dictionary on European Integration”, Publishing House Lumina Lex, Bucharest, 2000, (co-author) – the first dictionary on EU affairs published in Romania;
  5. “The European Union: realities and perspectives”, Publishing House Lumina Lex, Bucharest, 1999 (author) – this book launched for the very first time the scenario of Romania’s accession to the EU in 2007.


Studies and articles 


1.       “Issues for reflection on the EU reform. A British perspective” in “Romanian Magazine for Community Law” no. 3/2013

2.         “European tradition and reform in the British Diplomatic Service” in “Romanian magazine for Community Law” no. 3/2009;
3.       “The European Union after the Irish Referendum: a new constitutional crisis?“ in “Romanian Magazine for Community Law”  no. 4/2008;
4.       The Lisbon Treaty: solution or a halting place in the institutional reform of the European Union?”, in “Romanian Magazine for Community Law” no 1/2008;
5.       “From the Constitutional Treaty to the Reform Treaty. Reflections at the beginning of a new Intergovernmental Conference of the EU”in “Romanian Magazine for Community Law” no. 4/2007;
6.       “Why the Black Sea is important to the European Union?”, written speech to The European Institute for International Relations (IERI), Brussels, February 20, 2007;

7.       “The European Union: challenges and priorities after 2006”, in “Romanian Magazine for Community Law” no. 4/2006;
8.       “The European Union searching for the future”, in “Romanian Magazine for Community Law” no. 2/2006;
9.       “A budget for Europe of tomorrow”, in “Romanian Magazine for Community Law” no. 4/2005 and on the internet site of the Romanian Ministry for European Integration (January 2006);
10.       “Romanian lobby in Brussels”, in “Averea” newspaper (October 21, 22/23 and 24, 2005);
11.   “The Constitutional Treaty: reflexions on a reflexion period”, in “Public Law Magazine” (July 2005) and “European Affairs” magazine (July 2005);
12.   “The Internal coordination in European policies”, in “European Affairs” magazine (April 2005) and “Romanian Magazine for Community Law” no. 2/2005;
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14.   “The Constitutional Treaty: towards a new EU architecture”, introductory study to the Romanian translation of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, European Institute of Romania (March 2005);
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22.   “Explanatory Dictionary on Community terminology”, in “Legislative Information Bulletin” no. 1/2000;
23.   “Romania’s accession to the EU: procedure, conditionality and perspectives”, in “Astra” magazine (December 1999);
24.   “Politics and administration in the EU institutions”, intervention in the conference “Dissemination of the Japanese experience in public administration” (Romanian Parliament, November 24, 1999);
25.   “Accession to NATO, EU and WEU: differences, similarities and synergies”, research paper published on NATO internet site (Brussels, 1999);
26.   “The European Council in Helsinki: what decision for Romania?”, in “Curentul” newspaper (June 25, 1999);
27.   “Working procedures in the institutional triangle Commission – Council – European Parliament”, in “Legislative Information Bulletin” no. 4/1998;
28.   “Evolution in the European Commission administrative structure”, in “Legislative Information Bulletin” no. 3/1998;
29.   “The European Parliament decision can be favourable to Romania”, in “22” magazine (August 1997);
30.   “Local democracy, Euro-regions and European integration”, chapter in the book “Local democracy in today’s Romania”, Ed. Realitatea, Bucharest, 1994;
31.   “The European Union from the European Political Cooperation to CFSP”, research paper to the Romanian Institute for European Studies” (IRSI), Bucharest, 1994;
32.    Articles on Romania’s accession to the EU, on Romanian-Belgian and Romanian-British bilateral relations, in “Diplomatic News”, “Capitales Diplomatiques Européennes”“La Gazette Diplomatique”“ De Tijd”  and “Diplomat Magazine”, Brussels and London, 2003 – 2013; 

33. Articles and interviews on Romanian-British relations, History, Romanian community in the UK, Romania and the UN, the role of the United Nations - published in British media and on the personal blog in The Huffington Post, 2008 – 2018;



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