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Romania in Peacekeeping Operations

Romania as a member state of UN, NATO and EU has had a significant participation in international missions. This is consonant with the constant efforts and the traditional demarches in the Romanian foreign policy, matching the international community’s concern and concerted action to ensure security, stability and peace, prevent conflicts or settle them by peaceful means, and help in post-conflict reconstruction. Likewise, Romania’s involvement in UN peacekeeping operations highlighted the efficiency of the Romanian institutions with responsibilities for national defense and security along with Romania’s political availability to attend multinational military activities aimed at preserving peace and international stability.  

The Romanian contribution to the UN-led operations as of September 30th, 2016 includes 98 participants (without the close protection personnel), ranking in the 69th position out of the 122 contributing member states, in accordance with DPKO report and is assigned as follows:

Ministry of National Defense participation:

  • A total of 36 Military Observers, Staff and Liaison Officers in one UN special political mission and 5 peacekeeping operations: DR Congo/MONUSCO (22), South Sudan/UNMISS(7), Cote d’Ivoire/UNOCI(3), Kosovo/UNMIK (1), Afghanistan/UNAMA (2) and Mali/MINUSMA (1).

More information on the participation of The Ministry of National Defense personnel in UN Led-Operations and International missions can be accessed at: .


Ministry of Internal Affairs participation in peacekeeping missions:

  • A total of 62 police and gendarmerie officers in seven peacekeeping operations in: Haiti/ MINUSTAH (29), DR Congo/MONUSCO (10), Liberia/UNMIL (1), South Sudan/UNMISS (2), Cyprus/UNFICYP (4), Mali/MINUSMA (7) and Central African Republic/MINUSCA (9).


In adition to military and police personnel included in DPKO data, Romania is contributing also with specialized personnel from Protection and Guard Service to UN missions, as follows:

  • a total of 36 Close Protection Personnel, under the lead of UN Department of Safety and Security, in three peacekeeping missions: Darfur/UNAMID (12), Afghanistan/ UNAMA (12), and Libya/UNSMIL (12).

More information on the participation of the Protection and Guard service personnel to UN Led-Operations, can be accessed at:


Romanian participation in international missions

  • Romania's MoD contribution to international missions consist of more than 780 military personnel.

Additional information is available at the following link:

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