Permanent Mission to UN

Mission Statement

As Romania’s diplomatic voice to the United Nations Organization, our first and foremost goal is to represent our country’s position and to promote our objectives within the UN bodies represented in New York. The wide range of foreign policy areas and objectives that we deal with, as well as the larger responsibility on the international arena that Romania assumed, translate themselves in a sharp increase in the active cooperation with all Member States, specialized UN programs and agencies, international organizations and regional groupings.

The Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations is fully committed to pursue the following priorities of our foreign policy within the World Organization:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of the United Nations in addressing conventional and new threats to international peace and stability.
  • Ensuring that the United Nations Security Council remains the ultimate embodiment of international cooperation in maintaining peace and safeguarding the rights and dignity of people worldwide.
  • Using preventive diplomacy and peaceful settlement of disputes as principal tools for peace throughout the world, with full respect for international legal norms and practice.
  • Continuing the reform of the United Nations with greater political will, urgency and vigor. Romania will pursue the strengthening of the Security Council, including through a broader membership and greater transparency in its work methods.
  • Further enhancing the United Nations peace operation capabilities, with particular emphasis on the reconstruction and rehabilitation processes.
  • Implementing the Millennium Development Goals, as prerequisites for genuine and lasting peace and stability. Special attention will be paid to poverty alleviation, sustainable development, fighting HIV/ AIDS, eliminating inequalities.
  • Fostering closer co‑operation and dialogue of the United Nations with regional and sub‑regional organizations, taking stock of its experience and prestige as regional and sub-regional promoter of security and stability.

Building on our transition experience and constructive involvement in regional and global action, we will promote, within the UN system, a new profile of Romania, as a country moving gradually to donor status, ready and able to contribute, financially and with its expertise, to expanding stability and prosperity.

As a member of the European and Euro-Atlantic family, Romania will continue to liaise and cooperate with its partners, thus further enhancing the cohesion and coherence of the UN bodies, as key prerequisites for an effective multilateral system.

Romania’s Permanent Representative intervention at the UN in the Security Council Open Debate on “Maintenance of International Peace and Security” – Agenda Item “Trafficking in Persons in Conflict Situations”


On the 20th of December, 2016, the Spanish Presidency of the UN Security Council organized a ministerial level open debate on “Maintenance of International Peace and Security” – Agenda Item…

National Day of Romania celebrated in New York in the persence of the UN Secretary General and the President of the General Assembly


The Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations hosted a reception for the celebration of our National Day on 1 December 2016. The event was attended, for the first time, by the UN…