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Senior Military Advisor/UNAMA - the highest uniformed position held by a Romanian military in UN missions

Colonel Claudiu Bibiriță, on the eve of winter holidays, took over for one year the position of Senior Military Advisor (SMA) and head of the Military Advisory Unit of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan - UNAMA, the highest military position which was staffed by a Romanian military throughout the entire Romanian Armed Forces’ participation in missions and peacekeeping operations (PKO) under the United Nations (UN) flag.

After more than two decades of Romanian military experience in the service of maintaining the international peace and security under the aegis of the UN, a Romanian colonel took over a senior military leader responsibility. This accomplishment has come at the end of 2016 marking the 25 years of continuous contribution to UN peacekeeping operations. The first Romanian troops under the UN flag have been deployed in 1991 with the UN Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission (UNIKOM).

Considering the importance of this role within the special mechanism created by the UN in support of the Afghan civilian and military authorities, prior to pick up his responsibilities inside the mission, Colonel Claudiu Bibiriță attended a three days induction programme at the UN headquarters in New York. On this occasion he was briefed about the latest politico-military developments in the area of responsibility and UN priorities at the start of his tour of duty.

The UNAMA SMA also met with Major General Adrian Foster, officer in charge for the Office of Military Affairs (see photo), the head of Force Generation Service and the head of Military Planning Service, both from the Department for Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) and the head of Political Affairs Team for Afghanistan within the Department of Political Affairs (DPA), as well as other UN relevant representatives for Afghanistan assistance.

During this condensed meetings schedule at the UN headquarters, Colonel Bibirita had also an exchange with the Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN, Ambassador dr. Ion Jinga. The Permanent Representative congratulated him for taking this praiseworthy UN military position and assured him of the continuing support of the Permanent Mission of Romania to the UN, in particular through its military representative, during his UNAMA mandate.

The Permanent Mission of Romania to the UN has planned and coordinated together with the UN Secretariat the UNAMA SMA programme in New York and subsequent deployment to Afghanistan. Colonel Claudiu Bibiriță has been accompanied at all times by the Permanent Mission's military advisor, Colonel Florin Roman.

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