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Statement - Arms Trade Treaty adoption

Speaker: Amb. Simona Miculescu
Location: UN Headquarters
Date: June 3rd. 2013


Madame High Representative,


Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear colleagues,


Romania is deeply honored to be here today, at this time of common celebration of a truly significant and historic achievement. I would like to add my country’s voice to all those who acknowledged the hard work and sustained effort that was put into accomplishing one of the most important legal instruments created in the last few years in the field of peace and security. So kudos to the representatives of Member States, the UN Secretariat and the NGO community! I would like to mention in particular Ambassador Roberto Garcia Moritan and Ambassador Peter Woolcott, who played a pivotal role in this process. Another special token of appreciation is due to all our colleagues from the civil society organizations, so vividly determined to making ATT a reality.


It’s been a long and complicated journey leading up to this moment. The adoption of the ATT demonstrated that the UN system is capable of delivering a concrete tool meant to ensure a safer world and address the challenges affecting the security of all our citizens. Now it is time for member states to start delivering on their promise to make this instrument a highly functional one. A first step in this new stage has been taken today, and Romania hopes the example of the more than 60 signatories will inspire other member states as well.


We all know by now that the ATT is an essential legally binding instrument that sets normative standards at the global level for all arms trade activities. The coming into force of this treaty, while acknowledging the legitimate needs for defense and national security of States, will have a serious impact on the states’ responsibilities in trading in conventional weapons, in diminishing the scourge of illegal arms trade activities and the human suffering that sometimes unfortunately comes with it, as well in establishing a much needed transparency standard in this field.


A lot of work was put into reaching this moment. And a lot of work is still needed from now on. Romania is looking forward to the swift entering into force of this treaty and its universal and effective implementation. It’s not enough that we ensured the ATT’s existence on paper, we must make sure it will be a living, efficient and even vibrant instrument that will have the beneficial effect worldwide, as we all hoped and intended from the start of the negotiations. 


As an ambassador I was very proud to sign the Treaty today, but also as a citizen of the world, I dream of the day when we’ll all celebrate its entry into force, experiencing yet another historic moment that will essentially mean saving and improving many, many lives.


Thank you.

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