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For the first time at the ONU: Opening of the exhibition „Romania captured by AGERPRES”, launching of AGERPRES NewsBot and of the video documentary “The people of the Danube Delta, the realm between the waters”

AGERPRES, together with the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations, organized a photo exhibition „Romania captured by AGERPRES”, on the 30th of November, at the UN Headquarters. The exhibit was built upon the photo archives of AGERPRES and shows key events of the 60 years history of Romania to the UN, as well as cultural, social and sport events that are representative for our country in the last 90 years. (AGERPRES’ achieves exist since 1927).

The exhibit is part of a wide series of events organized in New York for the anniversary of the National Day of Romania, with the purpose to consolidate Romania’s visibility and profile at the UN, being part of the campaign to promote the candidature of our country to a non-permanent chair of the Security Council, for the period of 2020-2021.

In his remarks, the Romanian Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Ion Jinga, stressed that „The photos chosen for our exhibit invite you to explore and better understand Romania and its people throughout their history and actions. The basis of this project is linked to the very idea of the United Nations, as more we know about each other, the better are the premises of peaceful coexistence and working together for prosperity.

Among others he emphasized two photos captured by AGERPRES in 1968, during the adoption of the UN resolution regarding the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, showing the first President of the General Assembly coming from the Eastern side of the Iron Curtain, Mr. Corneliu Manescu, Foreign Minister of Romania.

He added „Proving our continuous commitment to ensuring peace and security in conflict affected areas, the exhibit also features the involvement of Romania in peacekeeping operations. To give you only a couple of figures, in 25 years of continuing participation to UN peacekeeping, we count more than 10,000 Romanian troops contributing to peace and security under UN flag, all over the world”.

Nevertheless, Ambassador Jinga reassured that Romania will continue to devote political and diplomatic resources to support UN’s efforts in peacekeeping, peace building, fostering development and protecting human rights and the rule of law.

Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary General, expressed his gratitude for AGERPRES’ contribution to promote and underline the importance of international cooperation and to make the Romanian public aware of UN values on the field of peace and security, development and human rights. He reminded that the former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold was passionate about photography and recalled the power of the image, as a good way of communication that can have an impact.

The Director General of AGERPRES, Alexandru Giboi, stressed that “The role of media is to show to the future generations both the positive and negative aspects, what to repeat and what to avoid, learning from mistakes”. 

While underlying the importance of the technological evolution, the Director General of AGERPRES launched the first Facebook Messenger NewsBot in Romania. He explained that this was part of the AGERPRES Innovation Lab project, an initiative of the Agency dedicated to promote an innovation environment, which aims to test and implement the newest techniques of media production and distribution on a national and international scale. At the same time he launched for the first time the documentary „The people of the Danube Delta, the realm between the waters”, a story about the Danube Delta told by people who will always consider Romania as their home.


Founded in 1889, AGERPRES is the National News Agency of Romania. It has the role of offering balanced information, impartial in nature, and being the main source of information for citizens and institutions on the national soil, but also of being the main source of news regarding Romania abroad. Since 1921, the agency has broadcast uninterruptedly news and information. Amongst the AGERPRES services, one may find themed newswires, press photography services and archive, press monitoring, video and multimedia services, a documentary newswire, as well as printing services.

The implementation of a Facebook Messenger NewsBot and the creation of a new content based on the AGERPRES Photography Archive are some of the AGERPRES Innovation Lab projects.  

AGERPRES NewsBot helps Facebook users identify the most important news items of the Agency, in an easy, interactive and practical manner. Thus, those who will access AGERPRES NewsBot will be able to read, using Facebook Messenger, news items in English in the areas of Culture, Business, Politics and Sports. The Romanian version will be available soon.

The "People of the Danube Delta, the realm between the waters" video documentary, which was presented as a first at the UN headquarters, isn't only a monography of the localities which, in history, have been closely linked to the destiny of a nation, but a material which entices to a journey to a world where everything seems to be coming from other times and where the challenge comes from only one question: "What can be saved, preserved and passed on?"

With the aid of the air and underwater shooting, the AGERPRES Video team has tried to illustrate as best as it could the reality of a place which isn't presented as a tourist's eye view. The trailer of the documentary the "People of the Danube Delta, the realm between the waters" can be watched on the online video channel of the News Agency on the following link: https://goo.gl/oi8ddb.

The event benefits from the support of the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), an Erste Group member.


The video summary of AGERPRES covering the event can be accessed here


More photos here


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