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Statement by the Permanent Representative of Romania at the UN Security Council Debate on „Women, Peace and Security”

The Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN, Ambassador Ion Jinga, participated, on October 25th, in the open debate of the Security Council on „Women, Peace and Security”.

In his statement, the Romanian Ambassador welcomed the creation of the Informal Experts Group on Women, Peace and Security, as mandated by the resolution 2242 (2016), adopted on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of including Women, Peace and Security topic on the Agenda of the Security Council: “The activity of this group has the potential to ensure that women’s perspectives are taken into account, while discussing country specific situations on the Security Council’s agenda. According to recent statistics, when women are included in peace processes, there is an increase in the probability of an agreement to last longer. All actors involved should continue to work on implementing the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Building and sustaining peace is a continuous process which requires large popular support and participation of all layers of society. In order to avoid repeating tragic errors of the past, every generation has to rediscover the value of peace and to build on previous generations’ achievements in preserving it. Peace is built every day by teachers in schools, youth on sport fields, workers and employees in their workplaces.”

Ambassador Ion Jinga highlighted the nexus between gender mainstreaming, sustaining peace and civic engagement: “The experience of countries affected by conflict shows that women’s active participation in peace processes is relevant to conflict resolution. This is further enhanced by the increased participation of women in peacekeeping operations and special political missions, and by the training courses aimed at preventing and responding to sexual and gender-based violence.”

Underlying the importance of regional organizations and UN Member States have in implementing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, the Permanent Representative pointed out that Romania is a founding member of the Women, Peace and Security National Focal Points Network, created in September 2016.

Ambassador Ion Jinga evoked the National Plan of Action for 2014 – 2024, established by the Romanian Ministry of Defense, which promotes a fair and balanced access of men and women, military or civilian personnel, to operational, executive and leadership posts at all hierarchical levels. He highlighted the essential role of training in promoting gender equality, tolerance, non-discrimination, interdiction of sexual harassment and of gender-based violence, as a defining element of the behavior of Romanian personnel, including when deployed.

In the context of the increased presence of Romania in peacekeeping operations, Ambassador Jinga noted that 15% of Romanian police officers deployed in UN missions are women. He further reminded that a Romanian officer, chief superintendent Raluca Domuță, was awarded the International Female Police Peacekeeper for 2015, for her outstanding contribution to peace and stabilization in Haiti. He also emphasized the success of “the presence of women in the Romanian military mix-gender teams in Afghanistan, which led to a significantly improved efficiency of operations, as well as to the empowerment of Afghan women and girls”.


The high-level open debate of the Security Council was organized by the Russian Federation, as Chair of the UN Security Council for the month of October.

The event marked the 16th celebration of the adoption of the first Security Council resolution on Women Peace and Security (Resolution 1325), which underlines the importance of full participation of women in all efforts to create and maintain international peace and security. 

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